Biomechanical Assessment

Biomechanical assessment room

Biomechanical Assessment. 

A Biomechanical Assessment involves a complex evaluation of the feet, legs and body position whilst weight-bearing and non weight-bearing, assessed by Mr Robin Weaver.

Robin Weaver.

Mr Weaver has a vast experience of biomechanical assessment. Since 1999 Mr Weaver has assessed and treated many athletes ranging from Premier and Championship and league one football players, runners at international level, through to a recent Mens Wimbledon champion. Mr Weaver pairs his extensive expertise with the very latest technology, including video gait analysis and ‘ in house’ medical imaging (not available yet at our second clinic in Chesterfield football club).

During your appointment.

Robin Weaver’s evaluation will mainly concentrate on the assessment of the hip, knee and ankle joints and especially frontal plane or ‘side to side’ movement of the foot in the form of pronation or supination. Evaluation of the foot, includes ‘a hands on ’ assessment of all the major joint complexes in the feet but especially the motion at the ankle joint and the big-toe joint, which are critical for the forward progression of the body during gait. A lack of motion in these joints can cause early arthritis in the joint, and knee and lower back pain. 

Using a combination of the hands on assessment, medical imaging  we are able to create the most accurate and suitable custom made orthotics available.

Suitable For.

  • Runners
  • Professional Athletes
  • Those who experience pain or discomfort when they walk/run
  • Those who are experiencing pain or discomfort in there knees or hips
  • Those who are prone to sore toes, or bruised nails
  • Sports Injury
  • General painful feet

Treatment Options.

Orthotics: If your condition is caused by a mechanical imbalance of a joint Mr Weaver may prescribe orthotics. Orthotics are devices designed to improve the way in which the joints in your feet and legs are aligned.

Homecare Advice: Icing, stretches, footwear advice, exercises

Steroid Injections



Biomechanical Assessment (Includes medical imaging if necessary) : £60.00 – 30 Minutes