Cryosurgery for Morton’s Neuroma


Cryosurgery involves the use of a cryoprobe which at its tip forms a 6-8mm ice ball that reaches temperatures as low as -67°C. The cryoprobe tip destroys nerve tissue by causing extensive vascular damage to the nerve sheath capillaries. This then causes demyelinazation (breakdown of the myelin sheath) and degeneration of the axon.

For many years Mr Weaver had felt sympathy for those patients who had unsuccessfully tried all the existing remedies for their Morton’s Neuroma symptoms. Such patients were faced with the choice of either living with their foot pain or having standard surgery which could make matters worse.

Mr Weaver felt that Morton’s neuroma patients in the UK should have access to the alternative treatment of cryosurgery which is effective and safe. To this end, he completed his cryosurgical training in the U.S with one of the world’s most experienced cryosurgery trainers. On his return to the UK, Mr Weaver has continued to work with American colleagues to develop and refine the technique further.

Since introducing Podiatric cryosurgery into the UK in 2008, Mr Weaver has now completed thousands of cryosurgery treatments for both Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis and is pleased to have been able to help so many people with their pain.

With nearly ten years of Morton’s Neuroma cryosurgery behind us, we are now the most experienced Podiatric cryosurgery clinic outside of North America.

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