Plantar Fibroma / Ledderhose Disease


Ledderhose Disease, or Plantar Fibromas are fibrous, noncancerous or benign nodules (lumps or knots) that develop in the arch of your foot in the Plantar Fascia. The Plantar Fascia is a thick area of tissue, which covers the area from your heel to toes in order to keep the arch of your foot stable.

These nodules grow slowly over time, and can affect just one or both feet. In the beginning stages of developing a Plantar Fibroma, the nodule may appear as a small lumps or bumps and tend to cause little discomfort initially. You may experience increasing discomfort as the bumps begin to grow and enlarge into larger nodules, particularly when direct external pressure is applied to the area, such as wearing shoes, extended periods of walking and standing barefoot.


Ledderhose 2


While not a lot is known about the cause of Plantar Fibroma, some experts suspect that genetics may be a strong component. Some experts also believe that Plantar Fibromas may develop as a result of trauma, such as an injury or tear in the Plantar Fascia.

Patients who suffer from Chronic Liver Disease, Seizure Disorders and Diabetes, are also more likely to develop Plantar Fibroma or Ledderhose Disease, though the connection and causes of this is currently unclear.


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If you suspect you may be developing Plantar Fibroma, the first port of call would be to visit your GP or Podiatrist. Most Plantar Fibroma nodules can be diagnosed through a visual and physical examination, which typically involves pressing the nodule.

In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out some imaging scans such as X-ray, MRI or a bone scan, to rule out cysts, granulomas, or in extreme cases, tumours.


At The Barn Clinic we typically offer a course of Laser treatment, specifically targeting at the reduction of the nodules. While this is still considered experimental, both ourselves and patients have been encouraged by the incredibly positive and impressive results obtained from laser treatment, particularly for patients for may have exhausted more conventional and conservation treatment options, such as orthotics, steroid injections and physical therapy.

Laser treatment offer an excellent alternative treatment to those patients who have concerns about undergoing surgery to remove the Plantar Fibroma.




Consultation – £500.00

Treatment- 3 x £300.00 Laser treatments spaced approximately 6 weeks apart. Number of sessions required may vary from patient to patient.


Patient Review

“MR D Thompson –  Left Foot Treatment

Four years ago had Planter Fasciitis in right foot. It took about 9 months to recover.

About 3 years ago had pain in left foot and a lump in arch of left foot, it was diagnosed by GP as the same, the difference was it was not in heal.
I was very limited in the distance could walk, after a walk around ASDA, I had enough.
If I walked further, then I was more or less housebound for 3 days, until it recovered. After 12 months of no noticeable improvement I saw a specialist, who diagnosed Ledderhose Disease.

I was at first pushing for surgery to remove the lumps, but after researching it on the internet and the risks of their return I asked if it were possible to try radiotherapy, this was done at Preston Royal Hospital June 2016( five treatments on 5 consecutive days)
and Sept 2016 ( five treatments on 5 consecutive days) and was signed off by the specialist in April 2017.
There was significant improvement and| could walk for up to a mile, thought there was pain by the end of the walk and I could not do it again for 3 or 4 days. However I did not feel tied to the nearest car park.

As long as I pottered around the house, went around 2 or 3 large shops/ supermarkets, I would suffer little discomfort, however I was stuck at that level.

Dec 2017, first laser treatment at The Barn Clinic on fibroma, which was a little painful.
The after effects were quite mild, swelling and some discomfort walking , but not really a problem after 3 weeks, back to normal.
Also after 3/4 weeks, the lumps were reduced and were softer.
Second laser treatment in Jan 2018, the after effects were less and after 4 week the lumps have almost gone.
March 2018, the lumps on left foot have almost gone and are very difficult to detect when the foot is not worked too hard.

You can feel them after a longer walk eg. 1 mile.( slightly swollen)

The pain is less and very different, it was a pain on a specific point, while now it is more of an ache on whole foot, due I assume to the thicker planter fascia ligament that I still have but the pain is much less intense and much more bearable, I am very pleased with the results so far. THANKYOU!

The right foot lumps I will report after 1 month.
You have my permission to publish this information. D Thompson”


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