Cryosurgery for Plantar Fasciitis

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  • Dear Robin

    Thank you so much for getting rid of my heel pain from plantar fasciitis. I really thought I was never going to get rid of it. For the first time in seven months I have no heel pain!

    My recovery was very straightforward really, I was pretty much pain free within the first two weeks. I followed your advice about not doing too much too soon and I now wear the shoe inserts that I got in my wellingtons as you suggested and they also help.

    Thank you very much again…. 

    Anthony Watts


    With nearly ten years of Plantar Fasciitis cryosurgery behind us, we are now the most experienced Podiatric cryosurgery clinic outside of North America.

    If you have heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis or foot neuroma and are seeking a cure or remedy for this painful condition, we can offer cryosurgery treatment for plantar fasciitis at our clinic in Sheffield, UK.

    Please contact us for further information and to book an appointment.